London City Therapy Clinic

Free Phone Consultation

We offer a 15 minute phone call or video meeting free of charge to anybody who is considering a consultation and therapy. We understand you may have some questions and thoughts about the process before a psychological consultation, so this phone call allows us to briefly discuss some of your key concerns. We like to keep an open mind and will not ask you to decide anything in this initial call; it's always best to go away and think on your options before taking the next step.

Psychological Consultation

The consultation gives you and your therapist a chance to think about why you have come to therapy and how they can help. The consultation process tends to be 1-2 sessions where you will explore your current difficulties, alongside your background, to get a sense of how therapy could best help you. Your therapist will end the consultation with some guidance on whether ongoing therapy is appropriate, or an alternative is indicated. Your therapist can also offer a suggestion on the number of sessions you might need. We will discuss which therapeutic model would best suit you, the length of therapy, and your individual circumstances. Some people find the consultation process is enough to instigate positive change in their lives, while others go on to start therapy work at a length that suits them. This typically ranges from 6 sessions to more open-ended work. Within the clinic, we think it's important to regularly review progress and your experience of the sessions, and this will be scheduled in with your therapist.

Individual Therapy

Following the consultation session, most people go on to start therapy work. These sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled at the same time and day each week. Therapy can bring up difficult thoughts and feelings, and it is important the therapy space is regular and stable so you can process these difficulties together with the therapist and help you towards positive change. You can discuss planned breaks and holidays with your therapist, as the space is reserved for you each week to ensure you have a safe and supportive space that you can rely on.

Couples Therapy

Similar to individual psychological therapy, we offer support to couples who want to explore and understand their relationship on a deeper level. The consultation process for couples therapy involves joint sessions, but also some individual sessions to ensure each person has a confidential space to share their understanding of the relationship and their own hopes and goals for the therapy.